What can Europe do for me?

Got a question about the European Union (EU)?

Take a look at the Europa website.

  • These pages may be of interest:

How the EU works
The member countries of the EU
Facts and figures of the EU
The institutions of the EU

The European Commission has offices in the UK. They provide information about the European Union across the UK through recognised outlets such as public libraries, business advice centres and education services.

The European Parliament Information Office has an office in the UK. Their role is to raise awareness of the European Parliament and the European Union generally and to encourage people to vote in European parliamentary elections.

Eurodesk is the main provider of information on European policies and opportunities for young people and those who work with them.

Are you going to be travelling in Europe?

Are you interested in languages and language learning?

Try these:

These publications are available in limited numbers from Europe Direct NE or in PDF format from the Europa bookshop:


Travelling in Europe 2011-2012
For information and helpful tips about travelling in Europe as well as a map of Europe.
key-figures.jpg Key figures on Europe
A selection of statistical data onEurope
women.jpg Europe for women The European Union is involved in a number of areas that affect your daily life, from gender equality to product safety.
MEPs.jpg What do your MEPs do ?
the-eu.jpg The EU – what’s in it for me?

A no-nonsense guide for UK citizens to what the European Union delivers

europe-and-you.jpg Europe and You – a snapshot of EU achievements This booklet tells you what the EU does for you with a brief glimpse at a few of the tangible steps the EU has taken in 2011 to make life better and easier.
50-ways-forward.jpg 50 ways forward This booklet shows you – in an attractive and entertaining way – how people in Europe, and beyond, have benefited, and will continue to benefit, from European cooperation.
panorama.jpg Panorama of the European UnionThis leaflet introduces the European Union and its institutions and explores how the EU has changed daily life in 9 main policy areas.
climate-change.jpg Climate change – what is it all about?
An introduction to climate change for young people

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