About Europe Direct


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Europe Direct Durham- a European information centre for anyone living, working or studying in North East England. We seek to raise awareness and understanding about Europe in our region.

Requests for information

This includes responding to queries and requests for information. Maybe you have a project idea and would like to know if it would qualify for European grant funding? Perhaps you have heard or read that the European Union is going to introduce some new legislation and you would like to clarify whether it is true?

Publications and resources

As well as providing information, we stock European Commission and European Parliament publications and resources. These range from language and story booklets aimed at young people, to maps of the EU and information booklets to raise awareness about the work of the European Union and how it affects UK citizens. Please visit the EU Bookshop website (Europa Bookshop) to see what sort of resources we can provide.

Support for local schools

We provide support to schools in our region, helping them to increase their pupils understanding of international matters, and encouraging them to celebrate significant European dates such as Europe Day on 9 May, and the European Day of Languages on 26 September. We also arrange and attend other events as deemed appropriate to raise awareness about the EU.

The Juncker priorities

Follow the link below to learn more about the 10 priorities for the European Commission as announced by its President, Jean Claude Juncker.


If you struggle to understand the relationships within the European Institutions, our infographic explains how the President was elected in 2014 and shows the relationship between London and Brussels

London to Brussels 

The European Documentation Centre in Cardiff has links to excellent sources of EU information which can be accessed via Europe on the Internet http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/insrv/edc/findingout/index.html

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